Our land, our economy

To us, land preservation is important for a lot of reasons.

ourlandoureconomyOur work to preserve natural areas, create parks and establish urban greenways is more than an effort to protect the region’s scenic beauty.

It breathes life and energy into our regional economy.  These precious assets — clean water, rich farmland, world-class outdoor recreation opportunities and abundant wildlife — make this region a great place to live, work and play.

Conservation is an economic engine — new jobs and new investment in our region are linked to our natural resources. Now more than ever, top-notch parks, world-class fishing, hunting, boating and hiking, working farms and vineyards are critical to our economic health. Young professionals looking for a place to live, leaders deciding on a location for a new business venture, relocating families – we all want to live in a region with the best amenities, and increasingly that includes natural resources.

The Fund for our Economic Future once conducted an initiative aimed at gauging the attitudes of thousands of people in our region. The results showed clearly that people in our region love our natural resources, our farms, our Great Lake, our national park.  One of the most frequently noted responses in the dialogues was our environment. It makes sense, right? We all know that these things are connected – environment, land, people, economic health and strong communities.

This region is fortunate to have so many special natural attributes. We are smart when we ensure our special places stay preserved, so they can contribute to our region’s whole health and pay dividends for generations to come.

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