Focusing our resources

With the help of great partners and great science.

scenic-dockIn the conservation world, time is the enemy and resources are limited. So we need to set priorities to ensure we protect the land with the highest conservation value as quickly as possible. Our priority areas include:

  • Natural areas
  • Farmland
  • Coastal lands
  • Urban connectors

It isn’t always easy to prioritize, but we have two great assets that help us: great partners and great science.

Prioritizing through strong partnershipsconservation-focusing

We believe that we will protect better land, faster through great teamwork with partners who complement the work we do. We each play a role, and when we coordinate our efforts and our priorities, we see great progress. We have embarked on an effort to collect input and feedback from partners throughout our region to help us identify the highest conservation value areas. We combine all of the feedback we collect – together with our cutting-edge scientific approach – to create a list of high conservation priority areas. We share that priority list with conservation partners throughout our region, so that we are all working together to make a difference.

Technology, information help us act strategically

We believe in the powerful combination of people and science.  In addition to the input from our partners, our staff employs cutting-edge Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology to help us identify high priority conservation areas. We use data ranging from the density of tree cover to the quality of the wetlands to evaluate properties as they become candidates for protection.  Connecting tracts of protected land is vital, so property adjacent to an already-preserved tract is viewed as an excellent candidate for protection. These connections are important for the movement of wildlife as well as the establishment of territories and nesting habitats.  Connected areas of protected land also give us the greatest potential for groundwater recharge, the filtering of nutrients and pollutants and scenic beauty. We seek to create a web of strategically connected land throughout our region. We believe that this will provide a transforming effect for the beauty, economic development, and natural resources of our region forever.