Property monitoring

Our stewardship team ensures land stays protected, one year at a time.

conservation-ensuringOnce a property is protected, it is our responsibility and privilege to ensure that it remains protected, forever. We meet our responsibility by building strong and lasting relationships with landowner families and the land they love. In this way, we see our stewardship program as the foundation for a strong and successful future.

How we steward land

Our goal in stewarding protected land is to ensure the conserving landowners’ wishes are kept in place forever. We take this responsibility seriously. Each year, we make at least one visit to all of the properties that we have helped preserve in order to ensure the conservation agreement is being upheld. We love these visits because they give us a chance to catch up with landowners and meet the new generations.

How we help with land management

Once a landowner protects his or her property, we act as a resource for those interested improving the ways they manage their land. Whether it involves identifying a new plant or animal, coordinating volunteers to pull invasive species, or choosing the best trees to plant, we are always happy to offer advice and insight.  And if we don’t know the answers, we will help you find the people that do, which allows us learn a lot in the process. Landowners appreciate the land management tips we offer through our annual property visits, stewardship newsletters, special events or quick phone conversations.

A visit with a landowner

Landowners we work with are doing some great things to manage their property. Click here to read examples of landowners who are making a real difference.