Additional ways to give

Legacy funds

You can also make a lasting gift to conservation through an endowed or non-endowed fund.  An endowed fund allows for distribution of income only for charitable purposes but not the principal.  A non-endowed fund allows for distribution of both principal and income for charitable purposes.

Named fund

A named fund can be established to honor or memorialize someone special to you and can carry whatever name you choose.  Funds can be restricted to a particular Land Conservancy program or unrestricted, in which the funds can be directed to the area of greatest need.


A chair is a philanthropic fund that provides discretionary money to support a specific program at Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

Endowed chair

The donor directs the original charitable contribution to exist in perpetuity, and annual distributions from the fund help support the designated Land Conservancy program.

Term chair

The original charitable contribution is available for expenditure in its entirety over the term of the chair.  A minimum term is five years, after which it may be renewed or converted to an endowed chair.

Family philanthropic fund

Your family can build a legacy that reflects your values, whether they are rooted in farmland preservation, protection of natural areas or urban revitalization.  A family philanthropic fund is flexible.  It allows families to designate different areas of support over the life of the fund.  The fund will make annual distributions to the area chosen by your family; at the end of each two-year period, your family may change its designated area of support.

IRA Distribution

You can make a gift using your IRA to support the Land Conservancy’s work today. This is a Tax-free withdrawal you can elect to make annually.

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We are happy to work with you to find the giving opportunities that best fit your needs and those of your family.  The gift options included here represent some of the most common means of charitable giving, but there are others you may want to consider.  We encourage you to discuss your giving options with your financial advisor.  In addition, please feel free to ask your financial advisor to contact us at Western Reserve Land Conservancy for more information.