Western Reserve Land Conservancy


Forest Ridge Trail MapWe use maps to help us plan, prioritize, and navigate. But, our favorite maps help tell a story.

Check out the interactive map below to get a snapshot of great things happening throughout our region.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy makes this geographic data available with the understanding that geographic data, including land boundaries as represented, are approximate, and are intended for broad scale planning, inventory, mapping and analysis activities. Survey level accuracy is not intended or conveyed and proof of land ownership is not represented. The Land Conservancy makes no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of information contained in the geographic data. Data should be used for general information purposes and not to determine property boundaries. In many instances, the preserved property and other data layers do not align precisely with the aerial photography. Certain characteristics which may exist on the ground are not currently displayed in this mapper. These datasets are works in progress and will continually be improved.

This map displays properties throughout our region that we have had a hand in protecting. Much of the protected land is in private ownership protected by a conservation easement. Publicly-owned land is symbolized with black hexagons and black hatch symbols. All of the properties are also symbolized by whether they are publicly accessible. Red = No public access; Orange = Limited public access (please contact owner to discuss potential access); Yellow = Publicly accessible but please follow the access guidelines of the property owner. All green areas represent other conserved lands.

Protected Property Access: Red (private); Orange (limited); Yellow (public); Green (other conserved lands)

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