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Third Party Properties for Sale with Easement

NOTICE: This link will direct you to properties that are offered for sale, either directly by the owner of the property (the “Seller”) or by a Seller’s agent, and upon which the Land Conservancy holds a conservation easement. These properties are presented here as a courtesy to the Sellers, to supporters of the Land Conservancy, and to the general public viewing our website, in order to provide information about protected properties available for sale. The Land Conservancy is not a real estate agent or broker and no agency relationship exists between the Seller and the Land Conservancy. The available property information provided on this web page is provided in its entirety by the Seller and the Land Conservancy does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of such information, nor is the Land Conservancy responsible for any damages or claims arising from the information provided or any reliance thereon.