Land Bank Playbook: Involvement of the Recorder

Land Bank Playbook Section VI

In virtually every Ohio county, in order to file a deed, the party filing must first stop at the Auditor’s office for the purpose of verifying the legal description on the deed, determining the conveyance fee if any or confirming that the transfer is exempt from the conveyance fee. Once the property is transferred on the Auditor’s tax records, the deed is taken to the Recorder’s office for filing.

For LRC deed filings, the statutory reforms have exempted LRCs from the filing fee. The reason for exempting LRCs from the conveyance fees and the Recorder’s filing fee is because LRCs are funded essentially to receive distressed, tax delinquent and often unproductive and unmarketable properties. It was thus determined that these fees should be mitigated.

Accordingly, pursuant to R.C. Section 1724.10(B)(2), there is no charge for filing a deed in the name of the LRC.

Section VI Sample Forms

  • Form VI-1 – Acknowledgement Letter between LRC and Recorder Exempting Deed Recording Fees.