Land Bank Playbook

Provided by Thriving Communities Institute of Western Reserve Land Conservancy

A tool to plan, establish, and operate county land banks in Ohio

Thank you for your interest in the Land Bank Playbook. We have designed this comprehensive guide to be a resource for those who are planning, establishing, or operating a Land Reutilization Corporation in Ohio. The Playbook contains proven guidelines and best practices, as well as important forms and reference materials. The legislation that enables the Land Reutilization Corporation (LRC) in Ohio is relatively new, each county that establishes a LRC has unique needs, and new best practices emerge regularly. The Playbook is intended to be a valuable resource, but learning from others who are involved with LRC’s in Ohio is invaluable as you prepare to launch or continue to improve a county land bank. To learn more about how urban areas are implementing the activities noted in the Playbook or to become involved in Ohio’s county and banking community, please contact us at

Thanks to the generous support of the Fund for Our Economic Future, we are able to provide access to the Playbook online at no charge to you.