COCIC – Franklin County Land Bank

Land Bank Information

Incorporation date: 3/5/2012
DTAC funding: 5%
(as of 10/25/2017)


Curtiss Williams, President (effective 7/1/2017)
The Land Bank Center
845 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, OH 43206

Phone: 614-724-LAND (5263)

Board Members

John O'Grady, President, Commissioner

Eric Wagenbrenner, Comm. O'Grady's Rep.

Kevin L. Boyce, Commissioner

Marilyn Brown, Commissioner

James Schimmer, Comm. Brown's Rep.

Cheryl Brooks Sullivan, County Treasurer

Steven R. Schoeny, Municipal Director

Tracy Hatmaker, Township Director

Robert Weiler, Selected Director

Carole Olshavsky, Selected Director

Sadicka White, Selected Director