Join a Chapter or Affinity Group


Consider getting involved with one of our regional chapters or volunteering your time to help us with events, mailings, property visits, or other activities.

Our chapters represent our feet on the ground as they support the Land Conservancy’s work in a specific region, may hold informational meetings, and organize outreach events. Volunteers help us by staffing booths at events, sending letters, and providing specialized services. Active regional chapters include:

  • Firelands Chapter (serving our western region)
  • Grand River Chapter (serving our eastern region)
  • Medina-Summit Chapter (serving our southern region)

To learn about a chapter in your area or to volunteer, please contact us at (440) 528-4150 or fill out our volunteer form here.

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Sherwick Tree Stewards

Western Reserve Land Conservancy launched Reforest Our City to increase local tree canopy, especially in communities that have lost trees to development and municipal budget constraints. Starting in the city of Cleveland, we are working with our partners — including residents — to plant and maintain thousands of trees along streets, in parks and in other public spaces.

In partnership with Holden Forests & Gardens, we provide Sherwick Tree Steward Trainings, where citizens learn how to plant, care for and maintain trees. Training residents to maintain existing and newly planted trees is critical to the success of our program.

Learn more and check out Sherwick Tree Steward Trainings.


Sporting Circle

The Sporting Circle provides sportsmen and women of all levels the opportunity to experience the sporting side of conservation.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy is utilizing its land holdings and staff expertise to provide unique opportunities to sportsmen and women through exceptional hunting and fishing experiences and expanded opportunity events. Though a majority of the Land Conservancy’s conserved properties are owned by other entities, there are several significant blocks of fee-owned land that provide world-class hunting and fishing opportunities.

Learn more and check out Sporting Circle events.


Viewfinders Photography Group

Viewfinders is a gathering of photographers that meets periodically for instructional sessions and friendly critiques; members are encouraged to participate in photography field trips to locations across the Western Reserve. All camera types welcome (including smart phone cameras).  Photographers of all ages and experience levels are invited!

Learn more and check out Viewfinder Photography events.


Young Professionals Group

Interested in networking with environmentally-conscious, sustainability-savvy, conservation-loving young professionals? What to ditch the business casual and get your hands dirty?

The Land Conservancy YP Group aims to inform and engage young professionals in our work through volunteer events, outdoor adventures, and experiential activities.

Learn more and check out Young Professional events.