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Summer GIS Intern

Department: GIS Internship Location: Conservation Center in Moreland Hills, OH. Internship Length: The start date and the length of the internship is negotiable Internship …


Director of GIS

Reports to: Dennis Bower, CFO/CIO Application Deadline: May 2, 2016 Summary: The Land Conservancy’s service area includes natural, working, and urban landscapes. …


GIS Technician

Western Reserve Land Conservancy is hiring a full-time Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technician. Please WRLC GIS Technician Job Posting 2016 below. Reports to: Paul …


General Information

Property surveys

When the city of East Cleveland needed to find out which structures in the municipality were candidates for demolition, it turned to …

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Thriving Communities

Ohio cities were ravaged by the foreclosure crisis. Statewide, the presence of as many as 100,000 vacant and abandoned homes drove down …

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Reforest Our City

Trees save energy, reduce stormwater runoff, enhance property values, improve water quality and make our neighborhoods more attractive. But in many urban …

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We use maps to help us plan, prioritize, and navigate. But, our favorite maps help tell a story. Check out the interactive …

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Focusing our resources

In the conservation world, time is the enemy and resources are limited. So we need to set priorities to ensure we protect the land with …

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Isaac Robb

Manager of Urban Projects


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