Stewardship Stories

Join us as we learn more about what our amazing field staff find on our protected properties every single day.


5.17.2020 We never know what we’re going to come across in the field! Today one of our Land Stewards, Shane Wohlken, shares a very rare and majestic creature!
5.14.2020 Let’s talk salamanders! Did you know Ohio is home to 25 different species? They spend most of their lives hidden but they’re here! And quite abundant. We love finding them on our protected properties, as they are good environmental indicators because of their permeable skin (making them susceptible to toxins or changes in their environment). The pictured Northern Two-Lined Salamander found by Brett Rodstrom, Vice President of Eastern Field Operations, is a good indicator that there is good water quality in the nearby stream!

5.11.2020 It’s officially spring when ramps, a wild-grown cousin to leeks, start popping up in our woodlands. Today, our Firelands Associate Field Director, Kate Pilacky, shows us how to find, harvest, and sustain ramps. Make sure you pick them only with permission from a property owner, take only the leaves and never pick from a Metropark. Never cooked ramps before? Here are 25 recipes to get you started!

5.2.2020 Wetlands are an important part of our natural surroundings. Watch the Land Conservancy’s Senior Vice President of Conservation Transactions as he explains the benefits of an Agri Drain.


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