Honoring the memory of Senator Voinovich

You're invited to take part in the Voinovich Tree Project

A lifetime resident of North Collinwood, the late Senator George Voinovich loved his neighborhood. He traveled the world, but his heart always brought him home to tree-lined Rosecliff Road.

So many of us mourned his death last year, but his loss was acutely felt in the community where the late senator and his wife, Janet, regularly walked. Shortly before he passed, he commented to a neighbor on how sad he was at the loss of so many trees to the emerald ash borer; the trees which provided such a lovely canopy for the neighborhood had been cut down. How he loved those trees.

Western Reserve Land Conservancy is introducing the Voinovich Tree Project to pay tribute to Senator Voinovich and make a dramatic impact in a neighborhood where tree canopy is dangerously low and unhealthy – North Collinwood.

Trees are an essential natural asset, absolutely critical to the health of our communities. Trees provide important wildlife habitat and reduce erosion along waterways. But trees also remove air pollution, intercept rainwater, and reduce stress from high heat days. They increase property values and improve business districts by attracting customers. Trees improve public health across a range of issues, including reduced rates of asthma, obesity, diabetes, and anxiety.

But in too many places, tree canopies are dwindling and communities are losing out on their critical ecological, economic, and health benefits. In the Voinovich’s neighborhood the tree canopy coverage ratio is down to a mere 14% – well below the city-wide goal of 40% – and this area has been classified as a target area in high need of trees by the City of Cleveland.

The Land Conservancy launched Reforest Our City to reverse this trend of tree canopy loss in northeast Ohio. We have planted and distributed over 4,600 trees since the program’s inception and worked on many large-scale projects with partners including Holden Forests and Gardens, the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Municipal School District and community development organizations.

We sincerely hope you will join us in honoring the memory of Senator Voinovich by planting trees in his beloved neighborhood.  The Land Conservancy has committed to raise $20,000 to plant trees and reverse tree canopy loss in North Collinwood.

Please consider paying tribute to the late Senator Voinovich and his half century of public service by supporting this significant project with a gift.

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