Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Is the Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Crisis Over?

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On Friday, March 18, Frank Ford, senior policy analyst for Western Reserve Land Conservancy, issued Is the Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Crisis Over? A Report on Housing Trends in Cuyahoga County after digging into 16 years of data spanning 57 suburbs and 34 city neighborhoods.

You can find the Executive Summary and Summary of Findings and observations below. Click here to read the full report.



Over the past year news media reports at the national level would lead one to believe the foreclosure crisis is over and the real estate market is well on the road to recovery. Less robust but similar trends have been reported for Northeastern Ohio and Cuyahoga County. This report on housing trends takes a closer look at the Cuyahoga housing market from two vantage points. First, historical data is presented so that current conditions can be seen in relation to conditions prior to the foreclosure crisis. Second, and perhaps more importantly, trends are analyzed at the “sub-market” level; more than 90 Cuyahoga suburbs and Cleveland neighborhoods are analyzed. As will be demonstrated in this report, positive trends at the County and regional level mask a much slower recovery in many parts of the County. The true health of the Cuyahoga housing market only comes into focus when neighborhood and suburban sub-markets are taken into consideration.





Click here to read the full report.

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