Land Conservancy opposes Lake Erie dumping plan

Keith McClintock, vice president of conservation for Western Reserve Land Conservancy, testified against a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposal to dump contaminated dredge spoils into Lake Erie Harbor.  McClintock spoke at a public hearing Tuesday at Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport.

“Jeopardizing the health of Lake Erie and its fish and wildlife, as well as Northeastern Ohioans, undermines the Land Conservancy’s mission to provide healthy communities,” McClintock said.  “ I encourage the Corps of Engineers and the state of Ohio to continue to negotiate to find a solution that allows the contaminated dredge spoils to be dumped into a combined disposal facility (CDF). The Port of Cleveland is an economic driver for the region so the Cuyahoga River must be maintained for commercial navigation. But the contaminated dredge spoils should not be dumped back into Lake Erie at a time when millions of federal dollars are being spent on Great Lakes restoration initiatives.” You can read McClintock’s full testimony here.

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