our trustees

Our Board's strength is reflected in its numbers, talent, and diversity.

Our board is a large one, over 30 strong, representing an impressive variety of backgrounds and professions, the far reaches of the region we serve. We embrace the size and the diversity of our board for one simple reason: it works. Our trustees’ common passion for land and conservation allow for a richness of idea exchange, relationship building, and governance that is simply unsurpassed. Our trustees include:


  • David L. Herzer
  • Christopher D. Hess
  • J. Jeffrey Holland
  • Richard C. Hyde
  • Patrice Kouvas
  • Kathy Keare Leavenworth
  • G. Russell Lincoln
  • Bassem A. Mansour
  • S. Sterling McMillan, IV
  • William C. Mulligan
  • Nancy G. Rubin

  • Mitchell Schneider
  • James C. Spira
  • Marta King Stone
  • Craig Owen White, Esq.
  • Susan Dicken Yerian
  • John D. Leech
  • Elizabeth Juliano
    Vice Chair
  • Scott Mueller
    Vice Chair
  • Michael Shaughnessy
    Vice Chair
  • Owen Colligan
  • Dale LaPorte
  • Beau Daane
    • Corporate Engagement Officer
  • Ned Baker
  • Laurence Bettcher
  • Tom Butch
  • Ruth S. Eppig
  • Gene A. Faubel
  • Frederick P. Floyd
  • William J. Hlavin