the story of our logo

What's behind Western Reserve Land Conservancy's symbol?

Our logo reflects a simple philosophy.


That is, our mission is all about nature and land, but what we do is all Western Reserve Land Conservancy Logoabout people. We see land conservation as the nexus of people and nature. We believe our logo captures this idea graphically.


On the one hand, it is a symbol of nature’s greatest gift, the sun: which gives us warmth, energy, and life itself. It is also the symbol of beauty: a flower, perhaps a sunflower. We feel inspired by the strong symbolism of nature that our logo represents.


On the other hand, we also see an image of people coming together as a team, waving their arms, maybe even celebrating. Our logo is the nexus of nature and people because we, as an organization, are the nexus of nature and people. We exist to preserve land. But all that we do is done with people, for people, and through people.